Sub Module- Distribution Network Maintenance Reports- Distribution Network


EHVSubStation Name: 33KV Feeder: Date of Maintenance: Total Length of 33KV Feeder: Name of Incharge of Maintenance: Permit Start Time: Permit End Time: Total ShutDown Duration: Length of 11KV Line Maintenance: Replacement of Jumpers : Replacement of Pin Insulators: Repalcement of Disc Insulators (No.s) : Straightening of Tilted Poles (No.of Span): Straightening of Cross Arms:(Nums) Straightening of Titled Top Clamps:(Nums): Additional Pole Provided on Mid span(In Nos): Trimming of Tress/Locations(In Nos.): Guarding Repaired/Provided at Number of Locations: Raising Height of poles at Number of Locations: ReStringing of Conductor at Number of Spans: Re-Placement of Conductor at Number of Spans: Renovation/Reapair of AB Switches Number: Tigheting OF Stay Set: Name OF Supervisory Officer (During or After Maintenance Work)Who Supervised and Designation: Remark OF Supervisory Officer: Number of Labours: ERP Number if Estiamte Prepared: Actual Payment Made:

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